Miss Martini Frocks

Spoonflower fabric dress

This floral fabric print was one of the first that I admired that was created by another designer.  I especially love the mix of colours.
Link to Fabric: Floral_border

Sweetheartswing dress 011 FLAT
Finally I bought 3 yards and made my self a dress.  It has shirring in the side back panels, no zip as I can pull it over my head and lastly my favourite – side pockets in the seam. Bodice is lined.

spoonflower 2

Minor flaw where the repeat image meets and makes a ‘seam’

I chose the cheapest cotton option which is a little stiff. Great for a vintage inspired silhouette, but not so friendly to a plus size waist when it is gathered instead of an ideal circle skirt.  DSC09751

The dress has been hemmed and finished though I am still thinking about removing the skirt and pleating the waist instead of the gathering, just to make the tummy area look a bit flatter.

EDIT: Pleated the waist and you can see I have my hand in the side pockets. Bad video snap shot Im afraid 😛  Looks better on a plus size, I couldnt pull off the gathers at the waist.


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