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Circle skirt sample

Example of skirt fullness

Hurrah! I finished the first skirt. I’m happy with it but only because I know what I will change on the next one.



Half lining

I wanted to line the skirt as it is pretty lightweight and could be see through if the sun was behind you.  Also I tend to wear leggings under my skirts and they stick to my legs with out a petticoat.  I have no white lining so I just used what I had that was appropriate. I have about 3-4 metres of this fabric so its going to be used up first.
This sea blue fabric is satin/crepe, it is pretty light weight also so it adds just enough volume.  Next time I will take the length down closer to the shell hem.
I cheated and put the zip in on top of the lining and treated both shell and lining as one. Normally I would vomit at this technique, but I’ve seen it on some quality pin-up clothing so I thought – bugger it, if they can charge $200 for a dress with a zip like that then I can too. (This skirt is not $200).

Innards of skirt

The waist band is 5cm in height and is kept nice and sturdy with some non-roll elastic waistbanding. The waist band is not elastic at all, this just keeps it perky upright for ever and a day.  In the future I may bind the inside edge of the waistband for prettiness, and either bind down the seam edges of the zip or just bag it out old school way.   Though I realise that blue lining is making those edges stand out more.

Delightful contrast lining

It’s the fluffy edges of the selvedge that I think look odd.  However its all aesthetic and has no effect on the sturdiness of this skirt.

invisible zip through waistband

I have the best invisible zipper foot I have ever used in my life.
The zip will glide easily up and down through the waistband seam.  This foot belongs to my day job and I have already announced my undying love for it, so I can’t pilfer it without anyone knowing who it was.  Haaa that makes me sound like a terrible person. Instead I opt to take it home with me on the weekends to do this kind of sewing. ❤

I have roll hemmed the shell of the skirt (rolled the raw edge twice and plain sewn).  Only took me 21 minutes.  I’m being sarcastic, don’t let me fool you as I loved every second of sewing up this very first circle skirt that I’ve been designing in Photoshop and toileing for nearly a year.fairytale_carriage_by_r0se_designs-d4uhj0t


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