Bolero jacket trial

This jacket I’ve been drafting up in my spare time over a few days. I went back to a drafting book (Old Winifred Aldritch book) to remind me about collars.
I didn’t really need to, I could have just cut a rectangle and bunged that on and I’m sure it would have worked fine enough.
The pleats in the shoulder head was because there was too much ease in the block but I found it sits nicer with that bit of extra room.
I pretty much made the lining and the shell, then bagged it out.
It’s supposed to take a machinist an hour ish to make a lined reversible jacket with a CF zip at my day job so I just used the same techniques.

Here are my Photoshop designs – all inspired by the polka dot fabric pieces I bought from a FB group where I was supposed to be de-stashing


Below is my trial piece, that I am wearing below, it’s about 2 sizes too small for me but I can get in it! A good sign that the armhole is big enough so I can safely grade this pattern into other sizes without worrying about fit.
This is as far as I’ve got with it so far, I want the black collar to sit more forward towards the front and the fronts to have a bit more coverage. Ive drafted it all up ready to cut out and try.


bolero test size Large 16-18 side

The jacket is about size 14-16 or Large, fits very snug on me and I am more 22-24 or 3xl-4xl.

Here are some more of the Photoshop fantasies I had with this polka dot fabric and ‘what can I make that doesn’t use loads of fabric?’

The layout above is not correct for the grainline, I just wanted it to fit into what fabric I had.
I’ve had a break from this and made a couple of dresses, but I will be back with updates.



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