Hi, Im Miss Martini and I design and produce the corsets introduced to you in this web page!
I have been freelancing since 1997 and specialized in shiny pvc goth clothing as
 irisclothing/iriscostume in Christchurch and Wellington New Zealand.​
 Right now I am making my own  underbust corset designs along with retro/kawaii inspired summer frocks.  I tend to advertise my one off pieces on my facebook page and tumblr.
Retail Show Room through
Internet shops are
and  sometimes Trademe.co.nz.

​Introduced to with a polytech course in 2004, the class created an 18th Century corset.  Of course mine was black pvc and I fell in love with the endeavoring to create a modern shape for all it can do to enhance the womanly figure!
Starting in 2005 I began to pattern make and construct boned corsets to sell on New Zealand’s Trademe.co.nz auction based internet site.
Since then I have finally been able to reliably source quality materials and had enough practice with pattern drafting a shape I was happy with which is needed to create long lasting and dramatic shape giving corsets.​​
NZ Institute of Design & Tech.    Patterndrafting (level 3)    2004
Chch polytech                              Recreating 18th Century Corset (Carol London)           2004
                                                     Hand tailored mens jacket (Meryv Ridder)                   2000
Design & Art College of NZ        Diploma of fashion design (level 5)        1995-96
tracey sewing


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